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Aitos Zoo in park Slaveeva Reka

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Aitos Zoo is located in the northern part of the park " Slaveeva River " and occupies an area of ​​10 acres. Located in close proximity to a protected zone " Three Brothers ." In 1968, then mayor Boris Sterev issued a decree to build the zoo became part of the municipality's program to develop the park " Slaveeva river ." At the time of construction of the facility , which enjoys not only the children today were involved in helping local people. With joint efforts zoo welcomed its first residents a year later in a spirit of universal waged labor to progress, any entity or institution should have a team that is responsible for certain types of activities . On 1 June 1969 the zoo was finally built and opened on the occasion of Children's Day .

The zoo is the only one in the region around the region and is one of the most attractive places , which with its exotic specimens , happy children and adults. Together with ethnographic complex " Genger " central alley of reaching Lake Forest Park , which is suitable for recreational and competitive fishing , the " say" , natural attractions - rock formation " Three Brothers " restaurant " Coliseum " a parking lot with more than 50 places for cars , wall climbers , a gallery that functions and is an excellent base for sports and games , pond and next to it a playground with renewed compositional elements , separated Astracantha beautiful park " Slaveeva river ." The zoo is owned by the Municipality Municipality. Since its establishment, functioning is an activity funded by the municipality. Currently, the zoo keeps about 200 animals of 29 species , including birds. The most attractive are brown bears , ostriches, llamas, pony , fallow deer , mouflon , washable bear, monkey , a wide variety of pigeons, mandarin , pheasants and peacocks. Currently the Zoo is served by 12 staff , veterinarian and biologist .

Zoo Aitos have introduced an admission fee of BGN 1 . Children over 7d . and adults and children to 7d . must be accompanied by an adult . Opening hours - every day from 10.00 to 19.30 . The territory of the zoo is an educational. Regularly give talks to students from schools in the Zoo and in the boardroom of the municipality. If the group wants to talk information for the animals in the Zoo , you need to inform the Governor of the Zoo indicated below phone, the date and time of the visit. Lecture is free. Anyone who wants to adopt an animal from the zoo and take care of it, you may be given to the management of the zoo for details . Zoo accepts donations in the form of animal feed or resources to care for them . Municipality of Ajtos does it continue to develop zoo projects with European funding , in order to constantly improve the quality of life of the animal residents and infrastructure of the zoo. Undoubtedly the visit to the zoo is a really exciting experience for both small and large . The proximity to the animals teaches the children love them .

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Working hours: 10:00 to 19:30

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