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Krustsite peak

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Legedna connects the name of the top with King Marko . It was there were shocks of his corn . 2,035 meters high , Mount Krustcite is part of the transition, " Kom - Emine ' - this is the longest marked hiking route in Bulgaria , called in the past " Route of Friendship . " Length of the route " Kom - Emine " is approximately 650-700 km , and is attainable for 20-25 days in summer conditions and a month - in the winter . Krustcite peak is located on the main crest trail hut better - Botev peak , which moves along the watershed of Troy and Kaloferska Mountain. In good weather and good visibility from the top gives beautiful and unique views of the North and South Bulgaria .

Cliff edge Krustcite an impressive stone ridge Alpine profile in Stara Planina. Located east of Mount Large Purchased ( 2,169 m ) at the foot of which is the only alpine lake in the Balkan Mountains - puddle. Shocks is a narrow, highly rugged edge with different sized rock gendarmes . Northern slopes of Krustcite are steep , hard , cut by several streams Launching the river Debeleshnitsa . A large peak at Krastets north , separates the inaccessible side Comb Ridge . South Krustcite , although steep are more readily available.

When climbing Mount Krustcite have to be very careful as the marking of places is in very poor condition. The ridge of Krustcite is drawn closer , marked trail , which partly shortcuts , partly climbs individual gendarmes . However, it can easily be lost. Hiking along the edge must be very careful , especially in the area of Mount Great Krastets . Winter traverse is possible only at considerable physical training and use of climbing equipment.

If you take the climb from the west will move through rocky terrain and clumps of grass to the right and south path will undercut small peak Krastets and again steeply through juniper bushes will reach a narrow cleft in the rocks around the ridge to the north along a marked , but barely marked track near Mount Great Krastets . The western slope of this sharp peak , the trail expands and continues to Turtle fantastic peak ( 2034 m ) .

Mount Krustcite not recommended for use during the winter because it is avalanche risk . For climbers is a traverse of IV b category .

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