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Route Dobrila hut - Botev peak

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The tourist route starts from the hut "Dobrila", located east of Beklemeto highest point of Troyan - Karnare . It is located 1,804 meters above sea level , but by a relatively easy transition from Beklemeto (about 5 hours) until it can be reached by chairlift from Sopot and about 40 minutes of walking at a light and well-defined path.

Transition to Botev peak takes about 8 hours , but it is highly relative and depends on the physical condition of the tourists and the weather as it passes through the highest part of the Stara Planina ridge, the load is greater, and the time - very changeable. The route requires a good condition and no small experience in mountaineering .

The distance from the hut 'Dobrila' to peak Levski ( Ambaritsa , 2166 m altitude ) , takes about 2 hours, then serious climb. Rather worth it - as in most of the time moving along the ridge of Stara Planina , the route offers unforgettable views . But, still , if you were impressed , prepare for a much more pleasant surprises.

From a peak Levski Overlooking the Balkan and Danubian plain in the north and sub-Balkan valley and Srena forest to the south. In good weather, the West Stara Planina was seen even beyond Beklemeto and on the east line up one after another picturesque peaks, through which the route all the way to the highest peak of the Balkan Mountains Botev (2,376 m).

After Levski Peak route can not be wrong, because hours were moving east on the narrow and rocky ridge, leaving the two sides steep slopes and precipices . Especially dangerous is the area east of Mount Large Purchased ( 2,169 m ) , where the narrow and rocky ridge Krustcite , secured by a railing of steel ropes to hold.

Continues through the peak turtle ( 2,034 meters ) to reach the steep ascent on the west slope of Mount Zhultets ( 2,227 m ) . From here to the shelter " Botev" takes about an hour and a half , followed by oblique upload to Botev peak .

The route is one of the most difficult in Bulgaria , given the relatively large length , the physical training which requires the possibility of sudden changes in the weather and hazardous areas. The transition from "Dobrila" to Botev peak requires serious approach , good equipment and complying with the weather forecast .

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