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Route Pleven Hut - Mount Turtle

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The tourist route starts from the hut "Pleven". It is located above the neighborhood " Buzov share " of Apriltsi town and its 180 seats is one of the largest in the Balkan Mountains. It consists of two buildings - solid , respectively four and three-storey buildings. The hut is one of the most convenient and preferred starting points for climbing the Stara Planina highest peak Botev.

From itself "Pleven " route climbs up to the south side of the main Stara Planina ridge hill Bazov share. After passing through the sparse , the trail reaches the site Murgata where the displacement is less but soon the climb to the ridge continues through typical for this part of the mountain sloping high pastures . All the time in all directions an amazing view , and the highest peaks of the Stara Planina ridge seem to be hanging over the tourists.

Not long after the path divides , but the route of the Turtle ( 2034 meters altitude ) continue straight , following the pillar marking the winter road to Mount Botev . Hence begins the steep ascent of the main mountain ridge in the Milky Chal peak ( 2,255 m ) , which is quite dangerous, especially in winter, and it is secured by a railing and rope .

Once the path reaches the Stara Planina was , she took it on the west , descending smoothly to Zhultets peak ( 2227 m ) . Then follows a steep descent on the western slope (the breaststroke ) at the top, which is a real challenge during the transition in the opposite , east , and in the winter potentially dire and downhill .

When you pass the breaststroke , the trail comes to close , but was equal to the eastern side of Mount Turtle . Basically most routes on the highest part of the Stara Planina was hacking tortoise of the north, but do not climb , but a similar effort is worth it because it offers breathtaking views of the North and South Bulgaria , as well as an endless series of peaks west ( to Levski ( Ambaritsa ) ) and east ( to Botev ) .

The tip is so called because viewed from the southwest , it looks like a turtle , raised their heads from the mountain ridge. Ascent in winter and early spring is extremely dangerous because it is avalanche risk .

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