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Route Yavovova Bow hut - Pleven ...

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The transition from hut " Yavorova bow " hut "Pleven" is relatively long and takes about 5-6 hours but is well marked and is of great interest to fans of the central part of the Balkans. The route passes through a varied route , presenting to tourists much of the beauty of this amazing region.

Hut " Yavorova bow " is located in Troyan part of the Balkan Mountains, the place where a small river flows into Krayovitsa Krayovitsa . Its altitude is only 714 meters , but the landscape is impressive. The building has a capacity of 30 seats , have separate lounge sports games, tourist canteen , bar, playground . The most convenient starting point for the hut is a village of Cherni Osam ( Municipality Troyan, District Lovech) , which leads on nine mile road or by direct tourist route (about two hours) .

From there you should take the road , but only 350 meters to reach the fork , which is still left. Is about an hour and a half drive through forests and meadows, until a few abandoned buildings located in the area Bryaza . This is where in places quite steep climb to the east , which is a test of strength and most enduring as lasts about two hours and a half. There are several areas for recreation.

Finally, the path opens onto a spacious meadows known as Novoselski Polenitsi . The route goes through them for an hour , then starts a short descent to the bed of the creek , leading back to the foot of Mount Zhultets ( 2227 meters altitude ) . Then the track enters the beautiful beech forest and after about another hour to reach the final point .

Hut "Pleven" is located 1,504 meters above sea level at the foot of the main Stara Planina ridge near Mount Milky Chal . It is one of the largest in Bulgaria (180 beds in two buildings ) and is among the most popular starting points for climbing the highest peak of the mountain peak Botev (2,376 m).

The transition between the huts " Yavorova bow " and " Pleven" is an excellent challenge for less experienced hikers who want to improve their fitness . Teeming with beautiful views and sufficiently marked to not allow to lose , it is still a serious challenge to the condition of any normal person . Not recommended for transitions out of the hot and dry season due to sudden changes in weather conditions in the area.

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