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Water Hole Cave

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The cave is located southeast of Pleven hut in the northern slope of the massif of Mount Botev. First study and mapping of water holes in 1961 In 1982 she studied and mapped in detail by Studenetz Caving Club (Montana ) . Its altitude is 1400 m total length is 813 meters, and its displacement - 2 m / +15 m is formed in limestone and develops two main branches . There are two entrances , one above the other. The top is dry and the bottom of the underground stream flows . Inside the cave galleries starting from the two inputs are connected . Mainly observed primary karst formations - cracks , other karst formations but no stalactites, and it is thought that the cave is too young.

Stream passing through the cave safely niches formed avalanche of fallen rocks. Interesting fact that the river bottom is covered with fine sand, filtered water and crystal clear . It has been found that it is safe to drink , but it should be borne in mind that the round temperature is 5 degrees.

The water hole is a cave very rich inhabitants - troglobiont beetles and pseudoscorpions , some caddis flies and butterflies also find shelter from adverse conditions there. It is a favorite place for many species of bats . Sometimes even a bear could pick it up for wintering den . Regarding the bat cave is used for breeding and wintering as typical cave dwelling species, and the typical forest . Examples include the globally threatened Schreiber's bat , large bat , great southern and lesser horseshoe , Geoffroy 's bat , barbastelle bat , Bechstein 's bat . So far we have identified 17 species of bats use the cave in different ways ( for breeding, wintering , feeding , socializing , relaxation ) , which makes it unique bat an important place in Central Balkan National Park .

Although one of its entrances can be seen in winter access to the cave is avalanche risk . Due to the extremely high conservation significance of its inhabitants , and because its location in North Djendem reserve in Central Balkan National Park , the entry in it is inadmissible if it is necessary to biospeleological studies , it must be agreed in advance with the Ministry and the National Park .

Tour Desk Apriltsi organizes outings in the mountains , providing transportation to the starting points for the huts Pleven and Taja . On request and for groups of no more than 10-12 people to provide experienced mountain guides and instructors. The route is interesting and not too difficult two-hour trek to the cave water holes.

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