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Belite Brezi Reserve

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Reserve belite Brezi is located in the Rhodopes. It is one of the most picturesque places of Kardzhali region. Located 30 kilometers from the town is 6 km from Kurdzhali. The location is very convenient for rest and recreation and is the largest regional and local importance for the development of tourism and recreation in the area. The reserve was created to protect the only naturally growing forest of white birch in the Rhodopes. Forests of white birch are rare for Bulgaria and the main areas covered in this species are artificially planted . The reserve has an area of ​​about 3680 acres . Dominated by birch, but there are beech, and white pine , spruce and others. Here is the tourist complex of Belite Brezi which has 12 departmental stations with a total capacity of 250 beds. The air in the complex contributes to the treatment of respiratory and allergic diseases . According to research, the air in the reserve is a sterile operating room .

The reserve can be reached by car or bus or walking. Can be used as a starting point for hiking to the central parts of the mountain. If reserve Belite Brezi purpose of your travel , nature walks or leisure, you can visit and still other sights around him. Marked trail leads from complex Brezi to Devil's Bridge , a unique construction equipment dating from the early 16th century. Devil's Bridge is a cultural shift and drive on it is prohibited. From Ardino heads to Eagle Rocks . It is believed that the area is a Thracian sanctuary with religious functions. In rocks are carved recesses 100 over a trapezoid shape , but of different sizes . The sanctuary was declared a cultural monument. More information about the sights and accommodation in the area of ​​Belite Brezi reserve can get into the City center of Ardino or call 0035936514238 .

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