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Borovitza Dam

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Borovitza dam is built on Borovitza River in the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountains , in order to provide drinking water not only to the town of Kardzhali , but also to other settlements in the region. The dam wall is earth-fill type and is one of the largest with such architecture in Bulgaria . Another interesting technical solution is the overflow of the dam , which resembles a huge funnel , surrounded himself ponds. When the water level exceeds the standards set out in the overflow water falls and from there through the tunnel leads to the river, located downstream of the dam. Water area of ​​the lake reaches 482 acres , it is fenced and access and bathing in it is prohibited. Although it can be enjoyed from very near the dam area and the area around it , however, are very picturesque . Near the wall of the dam passes road to the village Bezvodno , where you can watch the amazing views of the pond . From here the route passes to the highest peak in the Eastern Rhodopes - Mount Chilyaka , located 1459 meters above sea level.

Along the river Borovitza can encounter interesting and rare birds such as the glossy ibis , warblers , falcon , thrushes , Lesser Kestrel, white and red heron, golden eagle , short-toed eagle and many others. Near the lake is the Reserve Kazal Cherpa. Near the village Nenkovo ​​you can view popular niches . They are cut " gaps " in huge sandstone cliffs located near a Borovitza , after the end of the village. You can see them from the asphalt road that runs from the other side of the river Borovitza . Here are the tombs , cemeteries , and cut grooves and altars .

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