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Asenovgrad paleontological museum is an easily accessible place. Regardless of which part of the town sign in Asenovgrad, you should look for signs of Kardjali. As soon as you go roundabout where the road begins to Kardzhali will start climbing gently. Exit to the museum is the second direct left immediately before school. The road is steep and winds around a hill, on top of which is the museum. Next to the building there is a small parking lot and parking spaces. Paleontological Museum is located in "Badelema" - in a unified building of a former youth home. But his treasures are behind the gray walls.

It opened in 1995 as a branch of the National Museum of Natural History and was based on a unique collection of fossils, fossils collected over decades by biology teacher Dimitar Kovachev with students from local high school. Looking first stop on the window with pieces of bovine animals. Shown is the evolution of proboscid animals. Here is a most attractive among all the exhibits - almost 4.5-meter skeleton of ancient Deinotherium found near the village Ezerovo. Deinotherium represents one of the largest all-time land mammals. And he lived in the Rhodope region more than 6 million years ... Watching his skeleton, his towering stature man into the world of dinosaurs. And shook as if illuminated by the Sun Valley, exciting as living by raiding her herd of deer, gazelles and antelopes. Rise along with them curious heads feral pigs and migom spread in indescribable confusion. Giraffes pinch leaves from the upper branches of towering trees in the distance. Hardly are those who know that these exotic fauna of our current animals have inhabited our lands - another reason to visit the museum. The museum also has numerous remains of fossil horses (hipparions), antelope, carnivores, primates and others. Great scientific value have hundreds of well preserved skulls and skull fragments of Sanderling horses purposes skulls of the bear - indarktos and saber-toothed tiger - mahayrodus.

Established in the period 1998-1999 exhibition on the second floor of the museum reveals even in its 30 windows called “Hipparion fauna and its diversity”. An idea of the ancient nature of this period gave most fossil species from the field in the village Hadjidimovo that are at least 8 million years.

Collected and preserved fossil remains of a real scientific treasure that has yet to reveal its cognitive value and will attract attention not only specialists in this field. So palaeontological museum in Asenovgrad has a wonderful opportunity to become a unique cultural and educationa,l tourism and research center for students, researchers, and of course - for every curious traveler.

Taking pictures in the museum is permitted only on the first floor. On Saturday is open until 16 pm and Sunday rest. Lectures cost 2 leva and is only in Bulgarian.

Working hours: 10:00 to 17:00

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