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Historic Landmark
Bachkovo monastery

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Bachkovo Monastery is in the village Bachkovo about 7 km south of Asenovgrad and 25 km from Plovdiv. Bachkovo can be reached on the main road (86) from Asenovgrad to Smolyan and exit to the monastery in village Bachkovo. Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria. In the monastery church of Bachkovo away the miraculous icon of Virgin tenderness. It was gifted to the monastery in 1311g. two Georgian travelers - Athanasius and Okrapir. There is also a legend that the icon itself "flew" in a Georgian monastery and is "perched" in the "Kluvia. From there, the monks brought it to the monastery and put her at the entrance of the temple, to see how heart who enter into God's house. Every year on the second day of Easter, they made her "lead" to its old place and serve a church service. In Bachkovo reserved and outstanding works of applied art - magnificent church plate, plate of manuscripts and other, some of which are now stored in the monastery's museum, while others - in Church Historical and Archaeological Museum in Sofia. In the 30 years of 20c. the monastery found 103 manuscripts and 252 incunabula.

In the vicinity of Bachkovo has many shops, stalls and restaurants, the walkway to the monastery. Here are selling rare herbs, homemade jams of wild fruit, sheep or buffalo yoghurt and cheese, woolen blankets and other objects of everyday life related to the Rhodope Mountains.

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