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Bachkovo Waterfall

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Bachkovski Falls is a wonderful natural phenomenon , which lies in reserve " Red Wall " , one kilometer from Bachkovo . Located 530 meters above sea level and is one of the most famous landmarks in the area of Bachkovo .

Situated on a small river , which sums up the murmur of several streams flowing from the reserve , waterfall was formed by karst fault . Cliffs that descend on the waters of the falls are limestones and dolomites . They are dissolved by flowing water and over the years have shaped the beauty of the place we enjoy now.

The waterfall is located above Bachkovo as it passes near the trail to Martsiganitsa . The road from the monastery to the falls is easy - twenty minute walk through nature and the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains . It is advisable to visit in the spring, because then the river is deepest . The waterfall is at its peak during this time - its waters are new roads and spurs , descending in large sleeves and crashing silver spray the stones around.

Bachkovo to be reached on the main road (86) from the town to the city of Smolyan, as the road to the monastery at Bachkovo . In the area is full of places to relax and picnic - built benches and gazebos, as well as gifts of nature - lush lawns and trees casting shadows.

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