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Balchik beach

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The beach of Balchik is a small and poorly coated sand, which makes it not very attractive for the majority of tourists. His weak popularity, however, there are clear benefits - if you choose to relax here, you will enjoy the peace, quiet and privacy.

Despite rather large sandy beach coverage stripe, Balchik is one very popular tourist destinations mainly tourists who come here are Bulgarians and citizens of Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Scandinavia. Near Balchik has a marina, which organizes demonstration battles between pirate ships, sea picnics, romantic night cruises ... increasing tourist interest attracting both golf courses built in the vicinity.

The main beach is the "Central Beach", which is located near the city's harbor. This is the largest beach and can be defined as a family beach. It is preferred for small children due to the sandy seabed and big bank from which any parent can monitor their children.
The beach has lifeguards and medical team, there are conditions of employment of the lounge, a water wheel and numerous water attractions.

"Holland" beach - located to the Central beach, separating only by a concrete jetty.

"New Beach" is located on the seafront promenade "Dambata" between the hotel - restaurant "Los Dos Gallos" disco "Give Give." The beach is small, but offers all amenities for a nice sunbathing - sunbeds and parasols, water attractions. At the beach there is a concrete jetty that is open and possible jumps from it into the sea.

Beach "Prince" is a small strip of sand between "Dambata" and the Roman baths of the architectural complex "The Palace". Has placed umbrellas that are above sea level. Not suitable for families with children.

Beach "Palace" is located in front of the residence of the Queen Mary. To enter the sea is crossed promenade "Damba" where there are stairs to the sea.

Beach "Tuzla" is located 5 km north of the city, located near the sanatorium rehabilitation mud. Extremely pristine beach. Wearing beach gear is required.

"White lagoon" is shaped bay where there breeding of marine organisms water is cloudy white. The beach has not a great beach, and concrete equipment to permit fishing.

The beaches of the resort have been awarded Eco award "Blue Flag". The awarding of this distinction is based on the implementation of the 29 criteria in four areas - environmental education and information, water quality, environmental management, safety and services. A large variety of water attractions - water banana, ring, jet skis, water skiing, etc.

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