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The route starts from the antique and medieval castle in Balchik, known at that time as Kruni initially, and later as Dionisopolis. Originally the site of the modern city is situated the ancient Thracian settlement, which occupies a large area. In the Hellenic colonization here was built a flourishing trade polis, surrounded by long and high fortress walls whose remnants can now be considered to complement the pleasant impression of tourists from both raw and beautiful nature of the area.

After the earthquake, however flourishing fortress was demolished and landslides forcing its inhabitants to move inland, about a kilometer from the shore, where exactly is the place of which is antique and medieval castle of district "Horizon". Located on a high plateau, the fortress has an area of ​​one hundred and fifty acres, and archaeological excavations have revealed only part of the city walls and defense towers.

The next stop on the route is the temple of the goddess Cybele, discovered accidentally during excavation work in 2007 BC. Area nearly 100 square meters is built the best preserved temple of the goddess mother, finds to date. Excavated are statues of Cybele, and twenty-seven reserved inscription indicating the rituals and traditions of the ancient Thracians. Devastated several times, the temple was destroyed in the final 378 years, when plundered and razed to the ground during the Gothic invasions.

Final destination that we visit this tourist route is the Quiet Nest Palace, which is now converted into architectural park reserve. It was built in the first half of the twentieth century, during the Romanian rule in Southern Dobrogea, in order of Queen Mary. The complex combines various architectural styles, ranging from Moorish and Italian, through Transylvania and lead to region-specific construction with red tiles and white plaster, for which Balchik is also known as the "White City."

Of course, when talking about the Palace in Balchik, you can not miss the magnificent botanical garden surrounding it on all sides. In her grow tremendously species of flora, most of which were brought from exotic and distant destinations. Walking along the paths between plants, you feel that you have found another really surreal place. Species diversity is impressive, especially with regard to the collection of cacti, which is the second largest in Europe.

After the tour of the sights you can take sun bath on some of Balchik beaches or relax in the many bars and restaurants. Of course, there are many places where you can stay overnight at reasonable prices and excellent conditions.

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