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This tourist route covers the major sights of one of the most interesting and less visited cities on the northern coast. Starting at the Historical Museum of Balchik, located on the street "Dimitar Zhelev" 2. Much of the collection was created thanks to one of the most remarkable friends of Bulgaria - Czech archaeologist Karel Shkorpil. It is open to visitors in 1937, among its exhibits prevail found during archaeological excavations artifacts.

Unfortunately at this time of Balchik is Romanian territory and most items are exported to our northern neighbor in clearing the city in 1940. However now the museum presents to its guests more than twenty thousand exhibits depicting the history of Balchik of the founding of the first settlement here (approximately in the VI century BC) until the Second World War.

The next stop on our route was the Ethnographic House (near the museum), which is housed in a restored Renaissance house was owned by a wealthy merchant balchik`s grain. It exhibits depicting the traditional lifestyle and culture of the local people and objects, displaying crafts, clothing and jewelry to them.

From ethnographic house goes to the nearby Art Gallery (street "Otets Paisius' 4). Except that houses the works of many famous Bulgarian artists, its spacious halls used for concerts, recitals and exhibitions of contemporary artists. There are more than fifteen hundred works of nearly four hundred and fifty local and foreign artists.

The next stop on the route is the Renaissance complex in "Horizon", including the Orthodox Church "St. Nicholas" (on "Hristo Botev" 4). This place is and mutual school, built on the initiative of local patriot Koyu Rajchev. Are fully recovered classroom and that which housed the teacher and the historical exhibition "Balchik during the Renaissance." Church "St. Nicholas" is named after the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, which is quite understandable, given the basic livelihood of the local people in the past. It was founded in 1845 and is currently operational.

Of course, a tour of Balchik could not pass without a visit to the "pearl" of the city - architectural and park complex "The Palace". It is located two kilometers from the center and is a former summer residence of Queen Maria used it in the period in which Balchik is part of the northern neighbor. The area is very beautiful, the beach, surrounded by picturesque cliffs.

The residence is the work of Italian architect, incorporating her unique mix of elements taken from different eras and cultures. There are many chapels, fountains, and buildings and botanical park is remarkable for its incredible species diversity.

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