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Freedom peak

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Freedom or Momchil is a peak in the Rhodope Mountains , 1915 meters high, it is located in the Prespa share of the Rhodope Mountains between Starnitsa , Bosilkovo and Monastery , north of Davidkovo, Banite municipality , Smolyan . Starting point for uploading his hut Freedom, which can be reached on a new asphalt road. At the top there is a path laid out 604 feet , the elevation is about half an hour. The tourist route starts from the center of Davidkovo . Departs northwest . At the end of the village should take the gravel road to the north , passing through the Prevala area and reaches the plains and open area " Buza " . After about 2 km on the right is a large nursery beech saplings. From him about 800 meters over the " Chestoka " mark left the highway and heads northwest through the ridge forest. The trail crosses the road and continues through an old pine forest to the " Angelova kaba " where hunting lodge . From there it goes to the northwest after about 20 minutes the trail narrowed to the right and took the ridge . Hut "Freedom" is located in the south of Saddle Peak "Freedom ." Since there is a splendid view in all directions. Before sunrise , on a good day can be seen even Aegean Sea.

According to legend, the top is buried Momchil . In field studies of peak Momtchil establishes an ancient Thracian sanctuary of 11 - 7c. BC , it is possible that this is mentioned by Herodotus largest sanctuary of Dionysus , and heap on top can be used for astronomical observations and predictions even in prehistoric times .

Here for centuries the native people , the Bulgarians - Christians and Bulgarian Muslims were coming for a summer soup. At the peak was erected plate in memory of Momchil .

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