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Esperanto Ecopath

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Ecopath " Esperanto " begins just a few kilometers southwest of the capital Sofia. This makes it increasingly popular among lovers of light hiking in the beautiful scenery . Beginning at the neighborhood " Mihaylovo " of Bankia town. The ecopath begins near the last bus stop in the neighborhood and should Mihajlovska left bank of the river , and after 200 meters crosses and takes continues parallel to it.

The track has received its name because during the slight and sloping ascent to the highest point of passing by the fountain of Esperanto . Crest plateau is covered with sparse , among which is the rock called Panorama for beautiful views to be found of it in clear weather . It is situated in the area known to the people of the surrounding villages as Yabuka . This is where the marked trail to Buchiyn Pass.

Lulin is very interesting mountain. It differs sharply from a close underrun southwest of her Sofia. Located between Sofia and Pernik Valley , its highest part is a ridge of the plateau around 1000-1100 meters above sea level , above which rise the sloping domed its peaks (highest Dupevitsa 1,255 m ) . The most attractive tourism northern slopes of the mountain are covered with beautiful beech and oak forests. That is where most of the trails and itinerary " Esperanto " . Although situated in close proximity to the capital , the fauna of Lulin Mountain is surprisingly rich . There are wolves, deer, wild boar , rodents , other birds.

The total length of ecopath " Esperanto " is about 8-9 miles. With normal even jog distance can be covered in no more than 2-3 hours. The track is suitable for beginner hikers and groups including children , because transitions are extremely light, and the maximum displacement between the highest and lowest point does not exceed 200 meters. The eco allowed transitions , even during the cold winter months , as long as tourists to comply with the weather and protect themselves from the danger of storms.

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