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Route Bezbog hut - Polejan peak

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Chalet "Bezbog" , the exit point of the tourist route, you can get in two ways. Easy and difficult. The first lies in to cover the distance of Dobrinishte hut "Gotse Delchev" drive ( 11 km ) and then catch the chairlift chalet "Bezbog" , which will take another half an hour. Of course, such an option will take you to the charm of the transition , but it would save you strength for the last part of the route. Especially if you are a beginner hiker .

The second way to reach the starting point of the route is more difficult , but certainly associated with more emotions and experiences. From Dobrinichte hut "Gotse Delchev" water well maintained trail , which takes about two hours and a half. The transition is relatively difficult , but definitely attainable for every person in normal physical condition.

Hut "Gotse Delchev" is located in the logs of 1458 meters above sea level. To chalet "Bezbog " takes about two or three hours, well marked and designated path. The transition from hut to Polejan peak ( 2851 m ) is relatively light, especially without major displacement. Especially the criteria of the Pirin Mountains.

Once you leave the starting point ( chalet " Bezbog" ) your first destination on the route is the same name Peak ( 2645 m ) . The safest way to climb during all seasons to take the west of the lodge , as this will leave the foot of the hill side to the north of the summit. The right way is its been in the south. Bezbog to be reached in about an hour and a half , the time depends a lot on your physical preparation and weather conditions.

From chalet continue south along the ridge , which has a more prominent and quite oblique . Soon leads to an intermediate point, after which the watershed ridge turns west . When the last trench , on the right side , below the low will see Polejansko circus . Left hand will remain Popovoezerski circus . Anyway, if you do not deviate from the ridge , it will take you directly to Polejan .

No major climbs to the top of the transition should take you no more than two hours. Southwest of Polejan is a small Polejan ( 2822 m ) . The distance between the two peaks is not more than 200 meters.

Do not take this transition in the winter and early spring. Has increased avalanche danger !

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