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The starting point of the trail saddle Premkata ( 2660 m altitude ) connecting the peak of Pirin Vihren (2,914 m) with Kutelo ( 2908 m ) . It is one of the highest and most inaccessible areas of the mountain , though far less known than the nearby Saddle Koncheto , just as it is very narrow, with steep slopes and dangerous passage .

The transition is short and takes tourists to one of the largest and well designed chalets in Pirin - " Bunderitsa " ( 1810 m ) . Despite rather large duration, the route is not suitable for novice hikers and people with weak vestibular system , because the negative displacement of 850 meters and carries serious risks. However, the route of the saddle Premkata to hut " Bunderitsa " is quite popular because it is very picturesque and offers tourists the opportunity to get acquainted with the raw beauty of the highest parts of Pirin. The route is not suitable for through the winter and early spring because many places are avalanche .

Of course , you can not come across a saddle saddle with a magic wand , so it is best to combine the passage -route climb Vihren hut "Vihren" . Naturally, you can choose to reach it and then climb Kutelo in Koncheto . Destination of the route hut " Bunderitsa " is located east of the saddle , so the saddle and have to take into vats . Initial slope is not great, but after some time increases. The trail passes successively north and south side of the circus .

Leaving behind I told him shelter located near " El Tepe " , you must select one of two options : to go through the circus just said or sweeped Vihren . If you choose the first option , you should consider that the slope is very steep and dangerous. Therefore it is more reasonable to go under the peak of Pirin, where you will reach the safety rope Dzhemdzhieviya edge. From north to reach the bottom of the cirque just said . This section also avalanche !

From the moment he said again there are two options to get to " Bunderitsa ." The first is relatively simple and consists in from the northeastern end of the circus to continue straight down until you reach the trail to the hut . The second is related to turn northeast and down layered rock slope. It got to the forest, which coincides with the path that led briefly to " Bunderitsa ." Both options are avalanche , so I leave the route for the warmer months of the year!

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