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Route Vihren hut - Sinanitsa hut

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The starting point of the tourist route is "Vihren" chalet . Located on the left bank of the river Bunderitsa , 1950 meters above sea level , it is one of the most popular destinations in the Pirin Mountains. Tkes nearly two hundred people and is the most convenient starting point for the ascent of Vihren (2,914 m). The hut is asphalt road from Bansko .

Path between the huts " Vihren " and " Sinanitsa " is well marked and recognizable , the mark is in blue and yellow. The trail starts directly in front of the "Vihren" . Follow the left bank of the river Bunderitza south . Originally climbs stone slope that is quite slippery and dangerous , so requires caution.

After a steep climb , the trail crosses several equal alpine meadows, separated from each other by rocky rapids and dwarf pine bushes. About half an hour from the point the route passes through the picturesque wooden bridge over the river Bunderitsa . It crosses marked in red and green trail connecting hut " Demyanitsa" and shelter " Tevno lake ."

From the bridge the route continues along the right bank of the river and enters the area Ravnako covered with herbaceous vegetation. Here begins a steep climb to the southwest circus threshold at the foot of Muratovo lake. The trail creeps in serpentinoobrazno covered with stones and scree slope and out at the foot of Muratov peak ( 2669 m ) to the place where the lake is drained .

Starts a new steep climb , this time to Banderishkata gate. The route runs southwest , climbing on rocky slopes and then passes one of the above Muratov lakes and reaches less zaravnenie Muratov at the foot of Mt . The trail head south , passing through another rocky section and started a real long climb Banderishkata gate. Immediately afterwards it divides by yellow paint ( to the south) is marked routes hut " Yane Sandanski" . For " Sinanitsa " continue west.

The route crosses the higher parts of the grassy cirque Spano , shortcutting Sinanishko was under tops Muratov , Gergiytsa and Beziman . There are hardly any displacement. After climbing a sloping rocky slopes of the last peak leads to the rocky Sinanishka gate and then the trail descends to Sinanitsa circus where first views of the impressive marble Sinanitsa peak ( 2516 m ) .

The trail starts to descend with moderate slope and soon out of the hut " Sinanitsa " ( 2185 m ) . The transition is not particularly difficult and lasts 3-4 hours. However you must be careful because in many places there is a risk of loss, and in winter the route is avalanche risk .

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