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Shelter Tevno Lake

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Shelter " Tevno Lake" is located in the northern part of Pirin Mountains, east coast " Tevno Lake" in the circus " Belemeto " at an altitude of 2512 meters . The shelter was designed and built in 1972

Is a two-storey building with a dining room on the first floor and a dormitory with bunks on the second floor with a capacity of 30 seats. At the rear of the shelter , there are two additional rooms with a total capacity of about 25 seats of pomegranates . In the shelter offered hot food and drinks. Electricity is by its own generator , drinking water from a spring above the shelter . The bathroom is outside .

Shelter " Tevno Lake" is one of the most popular places for camping in the northern part of Pirin . Its location and unique scenery in the circus " Belemeto " are essential in selecting the most Pirin routes. As a starting point for shelter " Tevno Lake" can be used Bansko and Dobrinishte . From Bansko to go through the hut " Damyanitsa " and " Mozgovishka gate ." The distance can be covered in 7 hours. Approximately 9:00 a route that starts from Dobrinishte and passes through the chalets "Gotse Delchev" and "Chalet " . Shelter " Tevno Lake" offers visitors for short hikes in the area to peak Momin yard - 0:30 pm . , Peak Valyavishki Chukar - 00:30 hours to Fairy Lakes - 1:30 to Mitrovo and Argirovo Lake - 1:30 .

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