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Ski slope Bunderitsa

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Ski Slope Bunderitsa is part of the popular Bulgarian ski resort Bansko . Starting at 2560 m above sea level and provides many opportunities to continue. Snow sports enthusiasts have a choice between Todorka ( 6 ) Balkaniada ( track 4 ) and Tomba ( track 9). Each of them offers different difficulty lowering and experience.

Bunderitsa is suitable for not very advanced, who want to improve their style and for those who do not need more lessons. Is defined as "medium difficult " . There are a few tracks that have the same difficulty - these are tracks " Balkaniada ", " Todorka ", " Stara pista ", " Ulen" " Plateau 2 ", " Strajite", " Chalin valog 1" and " Chalin valog 2" .

As a ski slope Bunderitsa no need to convince you long. I will only mention that in 2011 precisely this track took place FIS World Cup for men. The track was strictly evaluated by the delegate of the International Ski Federation Bernard Gero as eligible for the competition at such a high level. Part of the examination was tracking how solid is the foundation of the track and whether it will stand up to competition.

Slopeside is hut " Bunderitsa ." It is situated on the left bank of the eponymous river . The chalet is new, three-storey building with 95 seats with indoor and outdoor bathrooms and sinks . Electricity is central heating . Old cabin is a two-storey building with 73 seats with outside bathrooms and sinks . Electricity and water supplied , a tourist kitchen and canteen. The area benefits and bungalows with 30 beds. WCs and washbasins are external. Electrified , heated by electric heaters. For the convenience of visiting there and parking.

If you have the opportunity to ski in the area, take the time and other landmarks. We will mention only a few. Nearby are white fir , cave Hannah, giants in Pirin - Vihren and Mount Kutelo , and many others.

As the ski resort is among the most popular in the country , prepare a considerable amount of expenses - lifts, daily maps , accommodation and food. Quality and the fact that tourists come here from all over the world , implies higher prices for services. During the 2012-2013 season day ski pass in Bansko was priced 58 BGN for adults, 53 BGN - for students, 49 BGN - for schoolchildren and 38 BGN - for children. For half-day card / after 12:30 PM / prices were respectively 45 , 43, 41 and 32 lev . Traveling with booth from the city to the ski area and back cost 28 BGN for adults and for students and children was respectively 25 , 24 and 18 lev .

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