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Yulen Reserve

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Yulen Reserve is located in the Pirin National Park . Territory has an area of ​​3156.2 hectares , which is 1650 m to 2851 m altitude. Created in 1994 by order of the Ministry of Environment . The purpose of monitoring the growth of the various high and alpine plants without human impact on them. The main task of the reserve is also the protection of rare plant and animal species found in the reserve .

The reserve includes several lakes complex. These are Vasilashkite , Tipittskite , Strazishki , Polejanski , Disilishka lakes and several singles, including to small mountain rivers. The reserve has forests of white pine , white pine, spruce , fir, and squat . Single centuries of black fir trees . Flora of the reserve's rich collection. There have been 700 species of higher plants. Forty-four of them are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Prominent representatives are mountain peony, narcissiflora, sasenka and golden columbine . Here the other types of the Ice Age . These are black and empetrum spread sibaldiya .

From wildlife reserves of typical representatives of mammals bear, wolf and the chamois. Most numerous birds. Characteristic of the reserve are tits, woodpeckers , sokeritsata , capercaillie and rock partridge . The sun can be seen viper , and in some lakes and rivers are found trout .

One of the surprises that Julienne Reserve offers visitors a ancient fortress located in the Yulen within the boundaries of the reserve. The fortress is located 12 km south of the town of Bansko. The fortress dates back to pre-Roman times. There are approximately 100 meters long and 30-40 meters wide . From the fort remained low on wall by wall , as well as parts of handmade pottery .

Undoubtedly reserve Ulen is a real natural treasure preserved grandeur of flora and fauna , combined with natural lakes and historically significant deposits.

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