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Historic Landmark
Krivus Fortress

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For Krivus they say - you will look at it for 5 minutes, but you do not want to go. The fortress can be defined as one of the jewels of the Eastern Rhodopes. Will illustrate this . To reach Krivus must go away from the village Bashevo . It is one of the few castles to that first dive. Path as in fairy tales will take you to the fortress . Gorgeous scenery , high mountains , countless flowers and trees , dissemination of birds everywhere . As you walk right along the poorly defined trail , you can see the castle in the west. She stared at the river - Arda makes a turn of more than 180 degrees - the view is indescribably beautiful . The river surrounds the castle on three sides . Hence the name - Krivus - curve. Three countries and pitfalls that are made ​​inaccessible fortress and difficult to capture in the Middle Ages .

By the power of the old fortress today we can see the entrance , thick wall with a height of about 5 m and defense towers . There citadel , whose walls rise up to heaven to 6 meters. According to historians , in Krivus there was a church, but the remains of it are very small.

Curiously , although located on a hill , villagers were able to procure Lesto with fresh water. There was a tunnel that reaches the river.

For the capture of the fort by the famous Bulgarian soldiers talk chronicler George Acropolit . According to him in 1254 in a battle with the Byzantines, Bulgarians conquered many lands and settlements near the Maritsa, and going into the forests of the mountains, managed to overpower protection Stenimachos , Krichim Tsepina Krivus , Perperikon , the unit y Patmos .

According to Mayor Muren Sally, people's interest in antiquity comes not only from the historical value that brings , but the beautiful scenery of the Rhodope Mountains. According to him, every year in May, many tourists arrive by bus from Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo, to enjoy the uniqueness of Krivus .

Within a radius of 20 km from the fort there are other sites - Devil's Bridge , Eagle Rocks , White Birches Resort , cave Hladilnika.

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