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Cycle route dam Golyam Beglik

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This route is quite light and should shoreline of the lake "Great Beglik." Suitable for cycling enthusiasts with not very much experience as you can not confuse the road or overload, the more so the overall length is only twenty-five km. The distance is taken for about two or three hours, even stopping to rest or sightseeing, including the most impressive are the areas Batlaboaz, Samodivska meadow and Chatama.

The starting point of the route is at the outlet side of the lake, where the trail to the west. At the beginning of the road is asphalt, but after holiday base KZU its coverage of macadam. Its quality is quite good, so there is no reason to worry, even after heavy rains. In several places there are deviations that lead to the dam shore and you can safely look at the "Great Beglik" closely.

The dam is located on the road from Batak to Dospat as closest to it is the city Sarnitsa. Nearby is the beautiful reserve "Beglika." "Great Beglik" is part of the dam cascade "Batak" and opened in 1951. He is currently one of the favorite places for summer tourism as it attracts with its incredible scenery in the area, as well as the peace and quiet that gives your visitors.

Samodivska meadow is also a place where you can stop for a short time to enjoy the scenic views around. After that the road goes west to take you to the influx, which is formed Black River gorge, crosses it by a massive stone bridge and continues to Chatama area, which is located only about a mile. There is a nice fountain, shelter and several small houses in which you can shelter sudden deterioration in the weather.

From Chatama route heading southeast, reaching the influx of Yellow River gorge, where you can go to the city and Sarnitsa - one of the most beautiful, but unknown in the Rhodopes. The route, however, continues to follow the macadam pavement on the east and three or four kilometers reaches Batlaboaz picturesque area, which is large, lush meadow, offering excellent views of the nearby island in the lake "Great Beglik." There are great for picnics. From Batlaboaz is easy and enjoyable ride to the main asphalt road between Dospat and Batak (about five kilometers), then route takes us back to the starting point.

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