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Ski resort Batak

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In the Western Rhodopes , on the road between the towns of Batak Rakitovo is a ski resort "Batak" . The place is suitable for recreation during the warm and during the colder months of the year. It has a capacity of about 10 000 beds of all categories . For tourists there alpine ski slope , 1200 m long , and the ski - run , long 20,000 m . Alpine ski slope is equipped with three lifts, one of which is auxiliary , is 600 m long time and geographical characteristics of the Batak allow snow to be held from November to April.

For the future development of the resort is tailor-made plan to turn the site into three steps in a contemporary and modern center for winter sports.

The study aims to create a common vision for the development of local winter sports center type low cost in harmonious unity with the environment. The experts' assessment is that the future peak ski runs and facilities will take about 5 000 people. The tracks will be able to ski together 2400 people . The paper is also available on the following development activities: hiking, cross country skiing , downhill skiing , slalom , photo hunting , ekouchilishte , winter and summer orientation . To do this will require a complete reconstruction of the road for cars to hut " Tehran " building a restaurant for 60 guests at the starting station of the chair lift , restaurant for about 80 people at an intermediate station of the chairlift , tearoom in the final station of the chair lift , medical service and the service of Acute mountain peak , parking for 700 cars and 300 at the first station , office parking intermediate station hut " Teheran " two movable baby drags a " dish " information center for the lift station , shelters , and ski shop, tea room with an area of ​​12 sq m terminal station below the summit . Besides the two children's trail provides building : Gondola 6MGD, two stationary lifts - 2SL, four- chair lift ( " Armani " ) .

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