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Beach Baykal village

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The beach is located next to the village of Baikal (municipality Republic, province Pleven), on the Danube bank, opposite the Romanian city of ships. The coastline is relatively long and wide standards for Bulgarian Danube coast, covered with a surprisingly fine sand. Since the beach of the village of Baikal is almost unknown to the general tourist and is mostly used by local people, you can count that if you come here even in the hottest summer days without problems, you will find a secluded spot on which to collect tan relax in peace.

As regards the possibility to swim, they are more than good. Riverbed in Baikal is sloping without holes and whirlpools, and the river is not strong, especially in the summer. The water is quite warm, but still offers a much needed escape from the heat, typical of this region. That is why in recent years more and more people from different parts of Bulgaria, lovers of unusual places, away from the noisy and crowded resorts we come to rest here. Some of them even pitch a tent, park caravan or motorhome.

Unusually for not very frequented by tourists village in Baikal you can find everything you need if you decide to stay here for longer - there are several department stores and restaurants, where you can relax, eat and have fun with friends. Nice would surprise you and the little port of the village that you can make a nice boat trip on the Danube to meet the beauty of the mighty river.

Baikal offers opportunities for many types of tourism, although they are under-developed. However, if you are not picky are willing to engage in adventures, you can deal with a variety of water sports, to watch the impressive diversity of waterfowl can organize various march to throw hooks or even go hunting. Nature in the area is really remarkable surprising beauty diversity. From a nearby hill Bozhevski you can enjoy panoramic views in all directions, the most impressive is that of the north, as in clear weather look all the way to the Carpathians.

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