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Cari Mali town

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Cari Mali town - wonder № 1 in 2013 ! The legend is alive !

Buried under the dust of time, Mount St. Spas for millennia had hidden a long history. Under the layers of oblivion for centuries had stood tucked pieces of ancient knowledge and dramatic events, evidence of the emergence and demise of empires and small stories of ordinary people who lived in these places .

" Cari Mali town" is the old name of Belchin which supposedly means " Little Tsarigrad”. During the archaeological excavations of the fortress were discovered the remains of two early Christian and a medieval church.

The area around the fort is shaped like a theme park for the kids with lots of play equipments. And the children , and even adults can not only examine the artifacts found , but literally touch history - try the potter's wheel , not hanged helmets and armor replicas of the original , or to target with reconstructions of the dreaded Bali onagri . Order exposures are found in the studies findings. The objects are placed photos that show what they looked like in the past.

Before you climb to the fortress , visitors of Belchin has a lot more to see in her foot . This is the church "St. Petka " built in his last appearance in the XVII century on the foundations of an older church from XIII-XIV century. By Cari Mali town leads several ways. Tourists can enjoy two ecotrails , but consider the season. For those who do not like to exit the vehicle , there is an asphalt road. There is also a rail car (tourist train ) , from whose windows of cabins during ascent and descent , visitors can enjoy the panorama of the valley between Vitosha and Rila Mountains. This facility may have to wait because can take only 8 people . Rope bridge is another way to move that leads from the outside entrance to the fortress citadel and like most of the young visitors.

Price of admission includes 4 BGN visit the castle and exposures that are set out in separate parts, the use of the train in both directions , visit the archeological museum in the village and use of amusement rides and picnic areas . Against four BGN you can use audio guide. The working time and the prices you can see from the site of Cari Mali town - the new wonder of Bulgaria !

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Working hours: 09:00 to 17:30

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