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Flyinf flowers eco trail

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Beginning of the trail " Flying flowers" in the area of King's well near the town of Belica . It has a length of a little more than 18 kilometers and takes about 7 hours. The park is the end point for the rehabilitation of dancing bears, located 12 kilometers south of Belica . The route is scenic and shows visitors all the charm of the southern slopes of the Rila Mountain.

Ecotrail a former dirt road for trucks that move through majestic beech forest. Its name is due to the fact that a large part of the route passes through vast meadows and open spaces , where the colorful carpet of herbs and other plants fluttering fresh flowers of nature - butterflies . Here is indisputable queen Erebia ottomana balcanica, endemic butterfly , characterized by its soft reddish decorations .

Traveling ecotrail gives tourists an unforgettable opportunity to meet with dozens or even hundreds of herbs , flowers and other plants. Her long road is a serious test for insufficiently trained nature lovers , but in contrast, is easily recognizable and the transition to it missing extreme or very steep sections . So, the "Flying Flowers" is more attractive venue for the delicate beauty of nature, rather than proponents of healthy climbing and high levels of adrenaline.

A little less than two kilometers from the start of the route is located Cuckoo area to which the beginning of the eco-trail takes about 45 minutes. Is a serious transition to the place Markov spout , where the distance to 5 km and travels for 2 hours. The third " station" along the route of eco-trail is Temnitsko area ( 2.5 km , 1 hour) , then it continues to place Zarovets as far as distance and time alike.

From here to the park for the rehabilitation of dancing bears ( 6.5 km , 2.5 hours ) is provided in the area Tsaranska meadow , located about 2 km from Zarovets . This is the last point of the trail " flying flowers " and then began the 11 -kilometer descent to the place Markov spout ( 3.5 hours ) . However , it would be great if you allow sufficient time so you do not have to hurry, as you move the route. Only so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

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