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Chuprene Reserve

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Chuprene is one of the largest biosphere reserves in Bulgaria. It is situated on the ridge and northeastern slopes of Chiprovska Mountain West Stara Planina . Situated in the village of Chuprene which is near Chuprenska River . The reserve was created in 1973 to preserve the northern coniferous forests of Bulgaria . In 1977 is included in the list of biosphere reserves program "Man and Biosphere" . Forest plantations occupy nearly 90% of the reserve . Part of the forests are spruce- fir and beech- spruce- fir . The biggest plantations of spruce, which forms forests with over one century. They are important for the study of spruce forests in Bulgaria . There are six , common maple, aspen, mountain alder, mountain maple and elderberry . The fauna is quite diverse. Amphibians found salamander , Greek leggy frog , large toad . Reptiles are grass snake , adder , Smooth snake . Representatives of mammals fox , wolf, marten , mink , wild cat , squirrel. Chuprene is the only Bulgarian reserve permanently inhabited by wolves. Were recorded 68 species of birds . These include capercaillie , black vulture, owl , golden eagle , woodpecker, thrush , hawk , kestrel , skylark , quail, and other nut . In the biosphere reserve Chuprene can enter only through a separate buffer zone along trails . Near the reserve is hut "Forest Paradise" where you can stay . Martynov stone, Bekinska shobarka , Vitosha Tulip, House of shepherd are marked trails along which the will feel the beauty of wild and untouched nature.

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