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Ecopath Planinitsa

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Belogradchik, 1 А, ul. Poru...

Ecopath " Planinitsa " takes about four hours , an average level of difficulty and the displacement between the lowest and the highest point of the route is about 250 meters. The route runs along well-formed and distinct paths, but it is still advisable tourists who take the transition to a leader and good equipment . Pass on the route , offering excellent views of the entire complex of rocks .

The area offers a great chance of monitoring diurnal birds of prey , especially under favorable weather conditions and increased attention from tourists .

Starting point for an eco " Planinitsa " is a tourist information center in the town of Belogradchik. Here the route is drawn to the picturesque woodland Haydushko well as the road is built and vacation spot that offers basic amenities for tourists.

After Haydushko well ecotrail leads to a picnic , offering excellent panoramic views. The transition from there to the hut " Planinitsa " is not particularly difficult. The chalet is located in the region of Venice, about 3 km from the town of Belogradchik and 8 Oreshetz station . " Planinitsa " is a one-storey building, and its capacity is 20 seats. Bathrooms and washrooms are outside , heating it with solid fuel stoves . The chalet offers privacy and harmony with nature, as it is located away from the main tourist routes.

From " Planinitsa ' eponymous trail leads to the rocky peak area , followed by return to the town of Belogradchik. The trail is suitable for all seasons , as long as the transition to comply with the weather. Throughout the tour is breathtaking panoramic views of almost the entire rock complex , especially the eastern massif of rocks . Although in places require a bit more serious, physical training trail " Planinitsa " is available for fans and tourists because of its proximity to civilization.

Its main merit are the views of rocks - one of the most spectacular natural phenomena , not only in Europe but also in the world. However trail " Planinitsa " is an attractive place for tourists who are fans of the peace, tranquility and unity with nature.

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