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The House, which houses the museum was built in the early 19th century and is typical of Bulgarian Renaissance Exteriors and interiors - authentic fireplace and carved ceilings, great room with cupboards , wall paintings , minderlatsi. In 1940 it was declared a national historical monument . The house -museum " Ivan Vazov " was opened in 1957 after major repairs on 15 February 1980 A new exhibition in the museum. In 1964, the house was declared an architectural monument of national importance.

This is where Ivan Vazov live while president of the District Court in Berkovica - March 7, 1879 - September 18, 1880 g.Blagodarenie resident in Berkovitza, in the works of Ivan Vazov appeared a number of works that have been written here . More important are the poems " On Com ", " Raspberry " poem " Gramada " story " and Mitrofan Dormidolski "

The exhibition in the museum presents a creative way of Ivan Vazov , the greatest attention is paid to his Berkovski period. The ground floor of the house used in the past for business purposes . By internal staircase up to the second floor, which used to live. The right wing is male , lit with many windows, fireplace, carved ceilings and niches in the walls. At the bottom and is located hammam. In this wing lives Ivan Vazov . Left side is female . Potonat in this room as a " herringbone " and the ceiling of the hall of translated literature is carved . It is the work of Tryavna masters .

Adjacent to the house -museum " Ivan Vazov " is the ethnographic museum, which is part of the 100 national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union .

Working hours: 08:00 to 17:00

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