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Route Kom - Emine

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" Kom - Emine " is the longest marked hiking route in Bulgaria . Route passing along the ridge of Stara Planina from Kom Bekovitsa share to Cape Emine on the Black Sea coast , representing the most eastern point of the mountain. It is part of the European hiking route E3 , connecting the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

Formerly called " Route of Friendship " hiking a length of approximately 650 kilometers . The track is characterized by large displacement and requires excellent physical fitness and experience. Along his climb or bark over a hundred mountain peaks , many of which with an altitude over 2,000 meters.

" Kom - Emine " has both summer and winter marking and takes about 20 days for summer and about a month - in winter conditions. The route is so organized that every day of the transition ends in one of the mountain huts . Only near the passes and Vratnik Rishki need tourists to sleep in the open.

Summer marked white - red - white horizontal lines , while winter is concreted into the ground metal poles painted in yellow and black. The concept of going all over the Balkan Mountains is Aleko Konstantinovo , but is implemented in practice a decade after his death, the writer , traveler and explorer Paul Deliradev who successfully completed the initiative in the summer of 1933.

In those times, when the chalets on the ridge of Stara Planina almost absent traveled the route is so much challenge the success of Paul Deliradev is repeated only in 1953 by members of the national committee for tourism. Path specified in the next two transitions , respectively in 1955 and 1959.

The first successful attempt to overcome the winter route was realized in 1961 , and on the return route (Cape Emine - Kom ) first passes a group of University of Rousse seven years later. Currently the route is so well developed that is used to track and off-road racing.

If you decide to take the plunge " Kom - Emine " should keep in mind that despite the relatively good position of huts along the route and excellent marks , you must be in very good physical and mental condition. Stara Planina is seemingly much lower and " welcoming " of the Rila and Pirin mountains , but is the most dangerous Bulgarian mountain because of the abrupt changes in weather and dangerous landscape of much of the crest territory.

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