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Trail Berkovitsa - Kom peak

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Kom ( 2016 m ) is the fourth highest in the Western Balkan and champion in Berkovska Mountain. At its foot lies the town Berkovica who sows appears as a convenient starting point for the ascent . The municipal center hut " Kom " go by road with length of 18 kilometers, which takes about 4-5 hours. The climb to the top will take another 2 hours, so if you are not confident in their abilities , you can split the route for two days and stay overnight at the lodge.

Describes serpentine path along the eastern slopes of the ridge , passing through the beautiful old hardwood (mainly beech ) forest. There is a nice mark , but either way you can not get confused because they only run on asphalt . If you know the area or in a group with experienced hikers, in many places you can turn off the road , and thus save considerable amount of time , and you can enjoy the stunning scenery of Berkovski Balkan.

In fact, the name of two huts " Kom" , located half an hour away from each other, more appropriate starting point for the top is old , located in the area of ​​peace of 1620 meters above sea level. Except that you can rest it before the final assault on the summit, you can leave the cabin and luggage to climb as easy to Kom .

You should be aware that the weather conditions at the top change suddenly , so just in case , be prepared for stormy wind , fog or rain storm. From the hut to the summit leads perfectly marked and traced a path that for a quarter part goes through dense forest and leaves of alpine meadow located in the saddle between Small and Medium Kom . Great Kom , which is our real goal is seen slightly to the right , to the west .

The trail is flat and makes relatively easy, as there's only serious climb at the foot of the peak . Of Kom are wonderful views to the North, South Bulgaria and Serbia to the west. At the top is raised relief of Ivan Vazov , a great lover of Berkovitsa Balkan. If you do not want to come back on the same route , you can head to the hut " Petrokhan " , located in the eponymous pass. The transition will take about two hours , but it is much easier , mainly because the trail leads down and equally.

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