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Route Bistrica - Aleko hut

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The starting point of this mountain route in the center of the village of Bistrica , as far as can be reached by regular buses from Sofia. Departs on street "Stefan Stambolov " on west direction, moving to the suburbs of the village. After half an hour the track crosses the Old River and continues following the right bank . Approximately a quarter kilometer later , bypassing parking , the route departs right on the trail , which after a hundred meters up to Mesalska fountain where you can have a short rest .

Ten minutes later, the route crosses the low circumferential path and onto a sloping lawn to the north , where it is also suitable for recreation . Soon the route makes a turn and displays to the right of the bed of the river Bistrica , continuing through mixed forest to reach the picturesque waterfall in the area Samokovishteto . The place was built for rest area with shelters and benches.

Soon the route enters the reserve "Bistrishko branishte", continuing to follow the river . About 40 minutes from the falls is the place Mench ( Vakazovoto Mehanche ) where, according to legend, many years ago lived in complete solitude shepherd Stoyan Vakazov . Hence the path is directed due north and after about 45 minutes to reach the area of ​​the Lower Karkam where continues west to Upper Karkam ( another 10 minutes). There's a nice new place to rest.

The route continues through the woods to the right and displays over the bridge of stone ( moraine ) river Stantsiite. Here is a beautiful view of the peaks Little and Big Rezen (respectively 2182 and 2277 m altitude ) . After a slight ascent crosses Prisoeto area and after about 10 minutes to reach Mecha polyana (Bear meadow). It is a beautiful alpine meadow surrounded by spruce forest . Through it passes the route of the chair lift "Academica I" and a ski track " Vitosha Tulip ."

From hut "Aleko " is reached in about ten minutes , following The high circumferential path. The length of the route is about 3 and a half hours , and the displacement is a serious - 910 m . It is therefore necessary to keep in mind that the passing is not necessary to have a relatively good physical training but to learn in detail with the weather forecast and be equipped properly . Although there is good infrastructure Vitosha mountain is steep and dangerous mountain, which often occur incidents inexperienced tourists.

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