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Blagoevgrad youth theatre

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Blagoevgrad, 1, pl. Makedon...

Blagoevgrad Youth Theatre was founded in 2010 by Branimir Mitov. In January of that year , the theater appears with his first show " Sample pedestrians ." The performance is for educational purposes , offering many prizes and games. Very exciting and fun approach is used to adolescent group , leading to a rapid distribution have played 112 performances ( about 5 months) in Blagoevgrad district.

After filing its noisy as a new theater on 16.09.2010 , the second appears and performance - the "Proposal " and " Bear " by A.P Chekhov . The performance achieved great success as the premiere was attended by over 350 people . Viewing it from both the small and the great, makes theatrical phenomenon southwest.

Next project Blagoevgrad Youth Theatre 's version of Nicholas Roussev - " Yunatsi with smart caps " , Prime Minister of 09.03.2011g . The show is mainly aimed at the student audience ( 1-7 grade), but is also suitable for adults. The plot allows for different interpretations , making it accessible to the audience. The show is built with very imaginative choreography and stage effects .

The theater is located in the Youth Center in Blagoevgrad.

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