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Popina Luka Waterfall

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Blagoevgrad, mestnost Popin...

In Popina Luka there are many coniferous forests, among them there are also some deciduous species. Here is the place from which springs the beautiful river that runs through the city park - Sandanska Bistrica. There is a beautiful place hidden in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains just 18 km northeast of the town of Sandanski - mountain climatic resort Popina Luka.

In the area is one of the declared landmark waterfalls - Popina Luka Waterfall. This is one of the wonders of mother nature, which can be seen in very few places in Bulgaria and the World. Charm of the waterfall is incredible. Popina Luka Waterfall is located at 1230 meters altitude, is located along the river Bashliytsa which, together with river Sarchaliytsa gives early Sandanska Bistrica River.

Bashliytsa River is one of the preferred destinations for fishing tourism, because there could be grasped one of the - favorite fish - trout. If you can catch trout here, remember that fishing is allowed from the beginning of April, but only in daylight hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There is a slight dispute with data of the Popina Luka Waterfall height, but certainly it varies in the range 12-15 m. The waterfall is characterized by high water year round, making it predpochiatana destination for travelers seeking the beauty of wildlife throughout the year. Thrill useshtanie practice jumping from the waterfall at this place.

The tranquility of the area may be disturbed only by falling water of the waterfall, which raises money among the pure and fresh air, soaked by coniferous forests. Pretty close natural landmark is situated hut Yane Sandanski, which can be reached in about 5-6 minutes. The surrounding area is located and resort "Turichka church."

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