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Route Bodost hut - peak Tsarev

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The starting point of the trail hut " Bodrost " , located in the eponymous mountain resort , located 27 km from Blagoevgrad. It was built on 1300 meters altitude in the vast meadows and hilly terrain covered with forests. Access is easy , so the lodge and resort is a favorite vacation spot in the mountains and the starting point for many hikes to the most beautiful parts of Rila.

Although the transition has a displacement between the lowest and highest point of 1,100 meters, it is not a high difficulty. The length is also small - about three hours climbing is sloping and enjoyable , mainly in coniferous forest. The trail is well marked with green.

From Hut " Bodrost " goes onto a main road witch heads to Blagoevgrad . After half a mile turn right route by road in very poor condition , leading to several buildings of Forestry who pass by and turn right again . Soon the trail splits , one goes forward and down to a small creek , a tributary of Bistritsa. However, the track continues to the right and up.

In places, the trail merges with forest roads used for transporting wood, but soon separated again , so it must be carefully monitored for marking. After half an hour of the route reaches the remains of Thracian cult complex , located in the southeast foot of Tsarev Peak ( 2389 m ) . Here you can see a variety of shapes and sizes of stone blocks that are supposedly relevant to sun worship .

This is where the most difficult part of the transition - getting off to a good saddle area. Shortly before her forest gives way to a rocky area , densely overgrown with grass and bushes . Hence there is no need to follow the marking should just be careful how to get out in the saddle . It Tsarev Peak panorama is particularly impressive. There are many information and announcement boards oriented tourists to the summit hut " Macedonia".

The route leads west , crossing meadows overgrown with juniper. About half an hour after the saddle is reached another ancient megalithic complex located in Markov stone. From peak to Tsarev not follow a clear path , and go up through the low juniper bushes, until it reaches the highest point . From top reveals impressive views Maljovitza part of Rila , the circus of fish ponds , saddle before and northern Pirin .

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