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Ski slope Macedonia hut

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In the highest mountain in Bulgaria - the Rila is rich in a variety of tourist destinations that attract tourists from around the world. In winter are especially popular ski resorts . Few people , however , especially foreigners will come to know about the ski slope hut Macedonia. This is one of those places that remain entirely overlooked by the general tourist, but are valued by lovers of nature and the quiet practice of skiing . The location is ideal for both beginners and advanced . Some say that the mountain man reborn . And so - you can not be spiritualized and was moved by the beauty and authenticity of nature in Rila. The best thing you can do is pick up the necessary equipment and jump in the car and head to the saddle Bear Pass. It there is one of the highest -lying huts in the country - " Macedonia". It boasts of 2,166 meters above sea level, between the Great and Little Bear Peak . Near the chalet has a ski slope equipped with two lifts , games and playground for sports games.

Appropriate starting place to reach the hut is the nearby town of Blagoevgrad . Thirty-nine kilometers by road and then almost an hour broken stone way leads you to the chalet.

While you enjoy your winter vacation, you can stop some of the places in Rila - Rila Monastery, Rila Lakes, Panichishte , area Kirilova meadow, Dry Lake , the Church " St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat " and many other .

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