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Borikovska Cave

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To cave Borikovska reached ecotrail "upper reaches of Arda - route № 2". Depart from Mogilitsa to Borikovo village ( 2 km ) , initially moving upstream Arda River until junction to the village Borikovo and asphalt road leading to the village . Almost village named scent Rhodope pines, crossing the old barbed wire fencing ( boundary enclosure , guarding the state border with the Republic of Greece until 1989 ) and follow the signs that a winding mountain path will take you to the rocks of cave Borikovska .

Locals also call it "The Red Cave " in the name of another small cave above it. The study found that there lived a copy cave grasshopper, two species of bats - ostrouh bat and bat and large insects. Interestingly, nowhere in the Rhodopes far found no trace of a cave bear , and this cave is as if the tomb of all animals. Unfortunate that looters brutally destroyed bone and in many places have become a pile of bones and stones , mixed with clay. Traces of cave bear were found in the middle part of the Balkan Mountains and foothills .

In the first visit of the cave were found two pieces of pottery , one with a handle.

Studies dating back to 1968

The cave is a cave located in the Smolyan region , south of the village Borikovo 130 meters relative height of the river bed of the river. The slope is a western exposure , and the entrance is revealed at the base of a small rock cliff . The cave has a length of 470 m , horizontal, without branches - channel type. The average height is 3 m, but in places it varies from 5 to 7 m

Borikovska cave is the oldest caves in the area. Legends tell that there were great people - Romans, but the skeletons that were found were not of people but of cave bears . Then director of the school found a large tooth and the journal "Rhodope review " took it to Sofia Bonchev . He is the scientist who discovered that they were bones of cave bear . During the Ice Age cave was re- flooded and some of the bones are shuffled . In the first part of the cave as if the bones are sorted by human hands - are preserved segments . Inside there is superposed segments bearish clues.

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