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Route Borovets - Ice Lake shelter

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The starting point for the transition from " Borovets " in cabin "Musala" for shelter " Ice Lake" is the holiday complex , which can be reached most easily from the town of Samokov . The objective of the route is to allow tourists to explore one of the most beautiful areas of Rila - Musala lakes of this .

The first goal is the route hut " Yastrebetz " located on the homonymous peak , 2369 meters high There are two options to get from " Borovets " to it. The former is well marked trail that climbs steeply through some of the most beautiful regions of Rila , overcoming displacement of over 1,000 meters. The duration of the transition is about 4-5 hours, and the venture is not for everyone as it requires serious stamina .

If you prefer a less extreme experiences , you can choose to get to " Yastrebetz " with gondola of " Borovets " . Journey it will take you about half an hour and you will save a lot of physical strength . From hut "Musala" takes about an hour perfectly plain path marked through the ski slope " Markudjik " 2.

The new hut "Musala" was built on the bank of the first of Musala Lakes ( 2389 m ) . Nearby are some of the highest peaks of Rila, among which Irechek ( 2852 m ) . Following the shoreline of the lowest lake after a few minutes you will reach the second , which is the shallowest and least of all . Literally a few meters away is the third Musala Lakes - Karakasheva , which is the largest area .

To check the other lakes in the group must return to the hut and continue along the trail to Mount Musala . A steep but not very long climb . Once you overcome it , you will see the fourth Musala Lakes . It is a little area and is quite shallow. After a few minutes along the trail is located Aleko lake that bears the name of Aleko peak ( 2713 m ) at the foot of which it is located.

To six Musala Lakes is reached after another 15 -ish minutes Musala path . It is nestled under Mount Nameless ( 2792 m ) and is about 6 meters deep . Nature , however, is saved for the last most beautiful and impressive Musala Lakes - Glacial . It is the deepest of all, and to reach it you have to walk for about 20 minutes along the trail to the top. The lake is nestled between three of the six highest peaks in Bulgaria ( Musala , Little Musala and Irechek ) . On the shore is and shelter " Ice Lake" .

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