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Ecopath The Way of the Heart

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Ecopath "The Way of the Heart" is an exciting project implemented in native village Borovo. The route combines three routes - Walk of faith, Walk of health and Walk of happiness that are represented as trefoil . The logo has a fourth leaf depicted as the heart, to remind us all that we have one more individual time , this heart that we must find .

The starting point of the route is located at the entrance of the church " Rozhdenstvo Christ" , located in the village center. The routes are designed so that the associated almost all existing chapels in the surrounding area . Moreover, they pass through the largest natural and historical attractions of the area. The variety is stunning - you can see Thracian sanctuaries, fantastic rock formations , fountains, vows . The combination of various sights around the village becomes Borovo wonderful destination for photo tourism and research of rare plant and animal species.

The first route of the trail " Path of the Heart" is "the march of the smile" . The church " Virgin Birth " in the center of the pine should climb up to the chapel "St. Sunday, " near which there is a picturesque stone fountain , whose water is believed to be curative. From panoramic trail leads to the dirt road , passing through beech forest. By it going to the chapel "St. Spiridon ", and then climb through picturesque meadows, going out to the highest point of the route - the chapel" St. Peter and Paul " ( 1090 m ) . Return it in oak forest, which is the chapel "St. George ", which boasts spectacular views of the village .

Walk of Faith begins again in the middle of the pines , then climb the stone fountain near the chapel "St. Sunday . " From steep climb takes us to the foot of the rock needle Chuchuly fountain where rock niche in a terrace with impressive views of the village. The trail leads to the chapel "St. Spirit "and rock pyramid denoting the highest point on the track ( 1,096 meters ) . Nearby is situated the area Zaranitsa with an ancient temple and a fountain . Return it the track .

The march of light starts from the temple "St. Spas" . It passes through the chapel "St. Constantine and Helen "and then a steep climb to the ridge and long dirt road that leads to the chapel" St. Elijah . " After about a half mile route turns west and goes between meadows , to bring to a settlement which can be seen a number of rare plant species and impressive rock formations, known as steps . This route can be joined with the march of faith in the chapel "St. Spirit. "

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