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Frog Swamp

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Jabeshko (Frog) swamp called Muhalnitsa , a swamp, which is nearly one kilometer south of the town of Botevgrad, Sofia , just on the outskirts of Green resort . It is situated 360 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 1.9 hectares . The swamp was formed in the lowest part of the marshy meadow dries up in the summer , but it is filled with water when it starts melting snow in the spring. Area " Muhalnitsa " was declared a protected area in 1992 with introduction of the environment , flora and fauna, where it breeds the kind mountain frog - Rana Temporaria. This is the largest migration of frogs of this type in the world, they use the swamp for breeding. Every year in the spring down from the mountain, travel approximately 7 miles to the swamp. Here fertilization takes place and the metamorphosis of the larvae . When they are large enough , the new generations mountain frogs leave their home and along the rivers take a new way to reach maturity in the higher parts of the mountain. Then again repeat the cycle by returning to the swamp. This is an exclusive phenomenon of global importance . Research shows that this migration began nearly 10-12 thousand years after the last ice age !

Since Jabeshkoto swamp is located near Botevgrad , tourists can enjoy and visit a few more very interesting tourist sites: Clock Tower of Botewgrad ( part of a hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria ), Ossuary of Hristo Botev's detachment in the village Skravena, Monastery "St. Nicholas" monastery " St. Transfiguration " .

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