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Under the Stone Waterfall

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In the Gorge in Western Stara Planina is forty meter high waterfall "Under the stone ." The nearest village is the village of Gara Bov and in 2012 built a remarkable trail that winds through the rugged valley of Bovska . Built in 2012 for the project " Activating Communities through community centers : second phase" Association " AGORA Platform " funded by the " America for Bulgaria

The path starts at the stadium of the village and climbs along the river Bovska and leads to the waterfall "Under the stone " in the village of Bov . From there down the old dirt road in the fountain on the " Chichero " , past the ruins of the old monastery " St. Archangel Michael" . Then passes along the river Treskvaets and returned back to the beginning - Gara Bov .

The path alternate bunch picturesque landmarks - cascading waterfalls in the area of " the stone " rock phenomenon fireplace and place Treskvaets . Tap " Chichero " and the monastery also registered tourist sites . Old bearing taste of the past , they are worth the separation from the main road .

Along the trail are several recreation areas suitable for picnics and relaxation.

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