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Bregare Beach

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Bregare beach village located to the east of it, near the bridge of the passing hence the Iskar River. The coastline is short and narrow, but in contrast, offers solitude and cool during most of the summer. The sun's rays are generous for those who want to collect tan, and if you want to get rid of the heat, the waters of Iskar are available. The river has a sloping bottom, so need a little attention to no risk for you and your loved ones. The tide is low, allowing you to swim into the river, if you are confident in their abilities.

Nearby there are excellent conditions for fishing. So season gather here many anglers not only the region but also from other parts of the country. The catch is usually high, especially if you find one in a secluded place and appropriate as far lacking. Unfortunately, however, the stream is often a poor quality as regards the purity of the water as it passes through some of the most contaminated in industrial terms regions.

If you decide to stay on the beach near Bregare more time, there's no reason to worry. The village has several department stores, small restaurants and cafes where you can drink something cool or have fun with friends.

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