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The Way of the Bright Moon

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The tourist route , carrying the mysterious name "The way of the bright moon" is a green corridor created for the main purpose introduces nature lovers with spectacular beauty and the remarkable flora and fauna of one of the most enigmatic Bulgarian mountains - Strandja . The name of the track is taken from the hymn of Strandja - " Bright moon has now come", written by the revolutionary march of commander and member of IMRO Yani Popov. The song is a symbol of liberation struggles in the region during the Ilinden Uprising ( 1903 )

It connects the villages of Brushlyan and Stoilovo (municipality of Malko Tarnovo , Burgas ) . The length of the transition is relatively large - of approximately 11 kilometers, but it is not suitable for a particularly skilled or well trained physical travel, since the greater part thereof has a low level of difficulty. All along there are no major climbs or dangerous places.

The starting point of the route is Ivy village located 14 km from the municipal center of Malko Tarnovo. It is tucked away in a picturesque valley and is declared an architectural reserve because of the area are preserved remarkable monuments of traditional Strandja Renaissance building buildings. Here you can see two hundred houses , the church "St. Dimitar " in XVIII century , restored school, agricultural open-air museum and the ethnographic collection .

The track begins with a 20 minute typical of Strandja , sloping and not particularly difficult climb at the end of which reached the top spot , which you can use to rest. It is situated near the plaque which marks the place where Lazarus Madjarov a speech before Congress in Petrova Niva where announces inclusion in the Ilinden Uprising. In the place was built a chapel called " St. Panteleimon " rise to a spring whose water is believed to be medicinal .

From here to Stoilovo other typical Renaissance Strandja village has preserved its traditional architecture and spirit are connected by a good and easily recognizable road crossing beautiful beech and oak forests. The transition is not particularly difficult. Its total length is about 3-4 hours. Best season to take initiative are spring, summer and autumn , although the route is completely preventable and in winter , tourists come to prepare for the challenge and have the necessary experience and training .

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