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The starting point of the route is a village Bunovo ( Mirkovo municipality , province Sofia) to which you can reach by train from the capital and the largest city in southern Bulgaria. Hence leaving a perfectly marked dirt road that runs against the tide of Bunovska River . It is important to note that the left side of the road to the mountain climbs parallel to his path, walking on which is preferable if you want to enjoy the experience the best possible use .

The climb is relatively oblique at first, but then the slope gradually increased , especially after the influx of rivers Bunovska and Buchkatska . Moving from village Bunovo to "Chavdar " takes about three hours at normal speed . The chalet is located in the area whirlwind meadows west of the end point of the route Etropolska Baba peak ( 1787 m altitude ) . It is a two-storey building and has a capacity of 45 seats . Bathrooms and toilets are inside and the building is water and electricity and heated with central heating. It has a kitchen and dining room .

The climb to the very top becomes recognizable and well marked path that climbing and reaching the main Stara Planina ridge . Peak Etropolska Baba is the second highest in Etropole part of the mountain. On the northern slopes grow beautiful beech forests. From it there are beautiful views in all directions - west and east is seen seemingly endless series of mountain peaks. If you look to the south in good weather we can see blur Average forest Rhodopes and powerful northern slopes of Rila southwest. To the north , the low is nestled Etropole , and behind it rises Fore.

Depending on your preferences you can continue to go down the path that leads to the hut " Chavdar " and then to Bunovo or select a northern route , well marked and displayed in Etropole . Track no very high degree of difficulty , but still requires a certain level of physical fitness and experience in the mountains. If you decide to go through the cold months of the year , it is better to tell the weather from a trusted source and be properly equipped .

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