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Uzungeren Lake

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Uzungeren is a salt lake , situated near the village Tvurditsa, Bourgas. In 2005 the area was given the status of a protected area and is today part of the territory " Mandra - Poda" , it is located between Lake Mandra and Poda protected area . Protected areas cover 211.10 hectares Uzungeren and receive such status in order to preserve the natural wetland that remains after the creation of Lake Mandra . Uzungeren is also home to nesting sites and wintering over 200 species of waterfowl , of which five species are endangered - Pygmy Cormorant , Dalmatian Pelican , Red-breasted Goose , Lesser White-fronted Goose and corncrake . The area is inhabited by two sea eagles - one of the most majestic birds of prey , which can be seen here. Greater the number of observed there large grebes and Pochard . Uzungeren is part of Burgas lake complex, which in recent years has undergone many positive changes in order to preserve the flora and fauna in these so important ornithological sites. If you are in this part of Bulgaria , you can visit the nearby Atanasovsko lake, Burkaskoto lake - Vaya and area "Poda " . The proximity of these habitats with one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria - Burgas, does it provide an opportunity to practice various types of tourism.

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