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Kabata chalet

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Kabata Chalet is located on the hill Kabbalah between the peaks Gurgutevitsa and Tsirikova meadow. The complex is a few buildings with a capacity to accommodate up to 70 people . The central building is a massive , two-story stone building , offering guests kitchen and dining room . Bathrooms and washrooms are outside , and the building has electricity and water , and heating with solid fuel stoves in places such electricity. Nearby are two wooden sheds - one with 36 seats and the other holds 26. WCs and washbasins are external.

The hut can be reached from the village Orehovo and the village of Malevo three hours through forest trails. From the village of Juniper also has a road that takes four hours.

Nearly chalets are bridges and rock bridges, respectively an hour and a half and two hours. Persenk Hut is also in the area - it is a three-hour shift .

Nearby is Mount Tsirikova church and the famous chapel Holy Spirit - only fifteen minutes away. Peak Gurgutevitsa also close - forty minutes. Cave Vaklite holes , one of the main tourist sites in the area is located half an hour. It is located 2 km south of the " Kabbalah": Southern slope of the natural rock (cave ) formations , covered with calcium . These interesting niches have been declared natural phenomenon.

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