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Museum of Rhodope Karst

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Chepelare, 7А, ul. Shina An...

In the town of Chepelare is one of the great museums of Bulgaria one of the most interesting collections - the Museum of Rhodope Karst. It is housed on the first floor of one of the most popular hotels in town - hotel "Caveman".

It can be easily reached, and even if you fail navigating by signs, each resident and almost every tourist can signpost you. The easiest way to the museum can be reached as follows - if you move towards Pamporovo and Smolyan, after logging in Chepelare, you must turn to the second bridge you will see on the left. After about fifty yards you will cross the main street. Then it will turn left again and after another fifty meters will see the building of hotel "Caveman" that you'll fall right. The building is white and is typical for the Bulgarian alpine style chalets. The road reaches right to the hotel and museum where you can park a small car park.

From the entrance of the museum is a splendid view of the city and its vicinity.

This is the only such museum in the Balkans. The museum operates since 1980 and since then provokes visitors with incredibly interesting facts, exhibits and messages from the depths of the caves.

The first collection, which kind of museum guides will know, is dedicated to geology. Several windows are shown extremely well selected and beautiful minerals characteristic of the caves. The next room of the museum is dedicated to the long history of the museum - 80 years caving in Bulgaria - exhibition, publications and more. One of the most interesting collections of this museum is dedicated to the rocks. Below are the different types of granites, bregchi, marble, limestone, gypsum, travertine and more.

Although not in the wild, there are shown several different sizes and shapes cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones, cave pearls, corallites.

Perhaps the most lasting impression on visitors make sections Biospeleology cave and paleontology. In Department Biospeleology shows species that live in caves. Museum of Rhodope Karst is a place everyone should visit. Besides knowledge, this place will leave any traveler incredible memories of a wonderful experience. He died on Sunday. The talk will cost you five leva

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:30

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