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Persenk peak

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Rodopi is the most comprehensive and massive mountain in the country. They occupy most of southern Bulgaria . The north and east it borders the valleys of the rivers Maritsa and Mesta black . Associated with Rila. The highest peak is Grand Perelik . Seen from above , the Rhodope mountain an enormous maze. Rodopi Thracian name and date from ancient times .

The mountain has vast grasslands as almost not found in our other mountains. The Rhodope Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria .

At meridian ridge Chernatitsa in beads lined tops Persenk - central peak , referred to as Small Persenk Elderman ( windmill ) Chimneys Gurgutevitsa , Circus Church. Persenk has been visited more than the other peaks of the ridge , which is due to its proximity and accessibility, while others are more distant from the huts and villages. It is not yet known where the name comes Persenk . It is said that it was given by Lamartine , who often visited the beautiful mountain and called his peak 'per Shadows " , ie the father of five ( top ) .

Another legend says that the name you received on behalf of the Persians , who killed infidel who stole it , and then committed suicide to preserve their faith. Most likely the name is on the top left of the Thracians who inhabited these peaks and meadows. Persenk discovered one of the most extensive views of Rila, the many beautiful ridges of the Rhodopes and Stara Planina charming . Persenskiyat share Chernatitsa ridge is composed of old crystalline schists , which spread over thick layers of marble and marbled limestone . Among these are water prodalbani Wonderful Bridges . One of the greatest treasures of Persenk are coniferous forests. Among them are found as eagles and bears, wolves , deer and more. Persenskiya gaining share from its primary water flows in rivers Zabradska , Oreshitsa - tributaries of the Chepelare River , both initial flow Churekovska River , a left tributary of the Vacha.Tozi Rhodope Mountain is saturated with not one or two historical events.

Even in Roman times, the town was an important strategic road that connected the fertile valley of the Upper Aegean . Even today in some places visible stone paving road repairs later. In this stronghold Thracians proved heroic resistance of the Macedonian phalanx of Philip and Roman cohorts of Trajan. Close to Zabardo fortress is enclosed, last fell under Ottoman rule . Many stories are told of heroic feats became in these places . Saddle between Big Persenk and Persenk is called burial Pass - Mezargidik .

For Deaf Stones legend says that here in Kardzhalimen disorder caravaners many traders found their death by cruel thugs . In these places and the people had crossed avengers Vulkan leader , Mustan leader and others. North Peak in Persenk the lawn umbrella hut is located Persenk . It has about 150 seats for the night and is a great site for recreation and tourism . Closest exit points for visiting the cabin top and the villages of Walnut ( 2 hours) , pp. Churekovo ( 2.30 hours) , pp. Lilkovo (3 hours ) and the resort of White Church (5 hours ) .

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